Monday, 11 May 2009

Textual Anaysis-moving image texts

- Gender
- Race
- Religion
- life styles
- age
- sexuality
- Apperannce
- Disability
- Class/Wealth
- Regionality

In the media teenagers are represented as

- Bullies: Fighting

- Hoodies

- Street rats: hooligans

- Drunk

- Young pregnancy/ Stupidity

- Attitude: Rude

- Depression

- Trouble Makers

- Vandilism

Skins Trailer:

In what ways are teenagers are represented in this trialer?

Violence, Nutters, energetic, rebellious, Drugs, Drunk, out of control, no repect for authority or property, vandals, destructive, promiscuas and aggresive.

How are these representations constructed?

-Pacey Music- Loud

- Cant hear them, only focusing on there actions

- Structure- as advert progresses kids get more and more out of control.

Monday, 20 April 2009


The brief of this project is that i will be researching telivision dramas. By the end of this project i will have a well presented folder and detailed research, a planned blog, a textual analysis an existing television drama programme. i will also have a storyboard for the title sequencefor your own, original television drama programme. At the end of my coursework i will have a filmed and edited DVD of my own original title sequence.